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Get Your Own Done For You Ecommerce Store - Using The Same Exact Blueprint That Made Me $62,727.87 In The Last 7 weeks. 
I'm On A Mission To Create 100 New Millionaire Students & 1,000 Six Figure Students During This CRISIS Right Now. The ONLY Question Is; Will You Be Next?
More Than 25,000+ People Have Been Impacted By My LIVE Events, Seminars, Workshops & Conferences.
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But First... How would you like to work with me and my 8 Figure Team , IN PERSON, To help set up your own 6/7 Figure Dropshipping store, helping you get your store ready from top to bottom and setting up your killer 6-7 figure traffic flow even if you're a total beginner
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How would it feel if this happened to you Every Day..
You wake up at whatever time you want, you go out and enjoy your day, work free. You are able to spend time with your family, see your friends, and do whatever you want, whenever you want. 

You get home and check your bank balance before you go to bed. You've made $450 in passive income throughout the day, without doing ANY work that day.

This is what's possible, and it's what thousands of drop shippers experience every day. The drop shipping business has helped thousands of people quit their 9-5 and has given them the financial freedom they have always wanted. 

This training will show you the step by step process, and will reveal the secrets behind building a hyper profitable online store, even if you have NO experience. 

My online business pulls in $10K-$30K+ per day, consistently, predictably and reliably. Over $30Million in sales generated before the age of 30 all because I made the DECISION TO GET COMMITTED.

So I can get mentorship over mistakes.
So I can take action over anxiety.
So I can build instead of getting beaten.
So I can make money vs just "meditating" about it.

You get the point.
Life is short. Time is precious. 
IF not you, then WHO?
IF not now, then WHEN?

Why delay your success?
Why delay your freedom?
Why delay your future?

False Evidence Appearing Real.

Action overcomes the fear. 
So, What Exactly Is Drop shipping?
No Inventory, No Design/Coding, and No Experience Needed. No products to store, see or touch. We show you how it's done with our own unique methodology.

With the click of a mouse, you can add products to your pre-designed store from wholesale sites with millions of listings. You don't need to know how to post packages, or print labels. Once you receive an order on your store, you simply place that order with your supplier for a cheaper price, and they ship the order straight to the customer, & you keep all the profits. You won't even see the product. No inventory costs, no shipping hassles, the supplier takes care of it all. 

Here is a little visual display so you can understand it better

There's Never Been A More Perfect Time To Start A Lucrative Online Business Model Now Especially With
As you all should know, retail stores are dying and going out of business due to extreme online competition. The internet is taking over and millions of people are generating millions of dollars through e-commerce. Why would you go outside to do shopping, when you can get everything delivered straight to your door at a tap of a button.

There have been thousands of stores shut down this year due to online business overtaking them. They cannot keep up. Why? Well because when you start an online business you don't have the overheads, debts, and bills that retail stores have. 

Its never been easier to start an online business and take advantage of the trending e-commerce wave and generate your very own online income. 

So why don't people start an online business? It's because sometimes the details can get very confusing and they dont have a proven step by step blueprint to follow. This is why I created the Ecom Automatic Dropshipping Program. 

I want to show you how you can go out there and create your very own profitable store step by step. Do not miss this opportunity.. 
Shaqir Hussyin, Founder

If you've been paying attention you've understood the potential of this business model and how you can make 6-7 figures per month...

The truth is you could follow the 4 steps and attempt to figure this whole thing out yourself...

BUT - There are 2 probable outcomes to this... You'll probably get frustrated and give up, waste a ton of money OR it will take you so much time to master all the skills you need and build everything out.... And he opportuinty will slip you by.

I dont mean to offend your ability.

But understand this...

You'll Have to figure out things like how to configure your Shopify settings, how to select the 'the right' products to upload to your store, which software to use to automate this, how to fulfil the order and more.

Secondly, Facebook ads are complicated. The results I get are thanks to the ability of my team and me to setup, launch and scale them.

Thirdly, you won't have access to my secret traffic source, that brings me capital right from the bat with literally zero technical efforts, and confidence to pursure what i'm selling.

Writing and creating email campaigns will take one person months. (If you want them to actually work.)

Now I have an important question for you:

Rather than spendings YEARS of searching, trying everything...

What if you could get me to personally build a profitable store for you?
What If We Created You A Ready Made Store Using The Same Systems That Have Generated Me Upto $62,727.87 In The
Last 7 Weeks
  •  Over The Shoulder Done For You Store Setup  ($6,497 Value) (So you can get access to over $30M in sales without wasting time and money)
  • ​ Lifetime Access To All Modules of Ecom Automatic Mastery Training ($2,997 Value)
  • ​ Full Product Research Training Using My Methods ($997 Value)
  • ​ Complete Facebook Ad Overview & Advanced Training ($3,997 Value)
  • ​ Private Inner Circle Facebook Group With Me & Other Members ($197 Value)
  • ​ FULL Facebook Traffic Monetization Training By Personal FB Ads Expert ($4,997 Value)
  • ​​Tools & Methods Revealed To Help Find Winning Products ($127 Value)
  •  My Secret Traffic Source That Makes Me 10X+ With Literally No Tech Skills ($9,997 Value)
YOU Could Be One Of The Many Successful Students Of Mine... 
What's Stopping You? [#today:{yyyy}] Is Your Year Or DECADE To Succeed.
Here's A Sneak Peak Into What You're Getting
​A Step-by-Step Online Entrepreneurial Masterclass
Creating Your Store | Shopify is a great platform and is easy to use but sometimes it can get overwhelming and you may need help. This module is all about helping you setup your store for conversions. It's a step by step guide to change everything on your storefront to make it look as appealing as possible. Not only will we teach you whats needed, so you can replicate the same winning systems over and over again, we will create your own monster profit bursting store for you, doing all the work from start to finish.
Sourcing Products | You'll get working product research methods, you will also be shown examples of actual winning ads that are running RIGHT NOW. Product research can be the hardest, most taxing part of ecommerce but this section is laid out to show you shortcuts and methods so you can easily find winning products and scale them to the moon.
Facebook Traffic | With your store now ready, it’s time to start making money! Master everything about Facebook ads with this step by step, complete run down and overview of every tool, trick, and method involved with Facebook. You will be taken through the ads manager and shown multiple different advertising strategies that you can implement to start making Shopify sales.
​​​​Instagram Traffic Monetization Mastery| Facebook isn’t the only game in town when it comes to marketing. This module shows you how to send insane amounts of FREE TRAFFIC from Instagram to your products. Unlike Facebook, Instagram still has amazing organic reach and I show you exactly how to go out there and leverage the platform and algorithm so you can start pulling in sales effortlessly from your Instagram pages.
Detailed Product Research Methods | Finding products that are proven winners and that are selling RIGHT NOW can be the hardest part about ecommerce but this module breaks it down step by step, showing you exactly how to go out there and find hot, and trending products that you may be able to scale with. You will also be shown groundbreaking software that will automatically go out, find & filter through products on the internet, saving you all the hassle.
Extra Videos (Updated When Needed) | This  an extra I decided to throw in, just so I can update it whenever things change . I like to keep my students up to date with everything, I never leave anyone in the dark to fend for themselves. This module ensures you will always be up to date with the latest algorithms and methods. 
​A Step-by-Step Online Entrepreneurial Ready Made Business
​A Step-by-Step Online Entrepreneurial Masterclass + Done For You System
Option 1: KickStarter Program - $9,997 $9,997
10 6 3 Spots Available (Discount Only For Today)
Entire Done-For-You Store | Shopify is a great platform and is easy to use but sometimes it can get overwhelming and you may need help. We help you setup your store for conversions using the exact same systems we use for my own personal stores.
Training & Full System| Tested, Proven, Step-By-Step To Make Your Ecommerce Store Make Sales Consistently.
Live Weekly Training| 3 Weeks Of Live Expert Training (VALUE:$1,500)
FREE $6,000 Upgrade Package Available If Purchased Today
Done For You Traffic System Installed 

$6,000 Fast Action Bonuses Only For Today

*FAST ACTION BONUS #1 - One Deep Dive Researched Hot Converting Product ($497 Value)
*FAST ACTION BONUS #2 - Ten Products Added In Your Chosen Niche ($1,997 Value)
*FAST ACTION BONUS #3 - Live 1:1 Group Mentorship For 3 Weeks ($1,797 Value)
*FAST ACTION BONUS #4 - Domain, Branding, Logo, All Graphics Included ($1,497 Value)
*FAST ACTION BONUS #5 - Private Facebook Ad Framework ($497 Value)
*FAST ACTION BONUS #6 - Social Media Presence Set Up ($1,997 Value)
Option 2: Elite Program + 2 Day Traffic 'INTENSIVE' In Person Workshop $34,997, $14,997 ONLY $24,997 

15 10 Spots Available (Discount Only For Today)

Me and my team will personally work with you 1:1 and help you launch a highly profitable, lucrative, 
in-demand eCommerce store in 30-60 days from this moment...

Here's the process, we will go through when building your business for a one time payment of only $35,000, $9,997 includes a 2 Day "In Person Traffic Intensive Workshop" 

Step 1: Signup for a Shopify account
Step 2: Create A Premium Logo
Step 3: Purchase Domain
Step 4: Choose A Theme Fit For Your Niche
Step 5: Deep Dive Research & Find Hot Products
Step 6: Add Products To Store
Step 7: Install And Setup The Application To Automate Your Store With Ali Express
Step 8: Connect Domain & Create Email Address
Step 9:  Add Payment Gateways (Stripe/Paypal)
Step 10: Edit Checkout Settings
Step 11: Setup Shipping Weights For Drop-shipping
Step 12: Setup Navigation Menu
Step 13: Add Discounts Codes
Step 14: Set SEO Title & Meta Description
Step 15: Add Facebook Tracking Pixel Code
Step 16: Confirm Store Settings
Step 17: Customize Email Notifications
Step 18: Install Basic & Advanced Apps In Store
Step 19: Remove Storefront Password
Step 20: Grammar & Spell Check
Step 21: Test On Multiple Devices
Step 22: Make A Test Purchase To Make Sure All Payments Are Working
Step 23: Marketing Plan For Your Store
Step 24: Submit Sitemap To Google

$16,000 Fast Action Bonuses Only For Today

*FAST ACTION BONUS #1 - Custom Premium Logo with your own brand name - A professionally designed logo for your new Dropshipping business ($397 value) 

*FAST ACTION BONUS #2 - High Converting Niche Selection - Instead of wasting your time researching a profitable niche, I'll put my experience & skills into practice and personally do the research for you. All you have to do is choose one niche out of 10 niches that I'll recommend and you're done! ($2,997 Value)

*FAST ACTION BONUS #3 - High-performing products within your niche - I'll choose AND add up to 15 products to your store, all with proper SEO friendly titles & killer descriptions THAT ACTUALLY SELL. ($4,797 Value)

*FAST ACTION BONUS #4 - Customized system built to convert - This is the secret between success & failure with your Shopify store. I've spend over $175k split testing what WORKS so you can guess it's built for the highest conversion rate possible. In 2018 alone I've spent $73,789.45 on ads so I can assure you that you get the highest converting layout without spending a single dime. ($INVALUABLE)

*FAST ACTION BONUS #5 - SEO and Social Media presence - my team will set up your teams social media presence create the accounts for your Facebook, Instagram, and also post three times. ($1,097 Value)

*FAST ACTION BONUS #6 - Instagram Influencer Millionaire - Get my CLIENTS ONLY step-by-step strategy to DOMINATE Instagram and get any IG celebrity to promote your products for dirt cheap so you could enjoy a massive payday and keep all of the money from sales in your pocket without spending a dime on Facebook ads. I also have a secret influencer strategy, on a different platform which converts like CRAZY! ($9,997 Value)

*FAST ACTION BONUS #7 - 24/7 Direct Technical Support through Skype and email for 90 days - it will be me or my expert who will answer all your questions, no VA's here and I'm limiting my client base to keep the quality high. ($19,500/month Value!)

*FAST ACTION BONUS #8 - 2 FREE Live tickets to TWO of my live events. ($2,997 Value)

*FAST ACTION BONUS #9 - Live 1:1 Group Expert Mentorship for 12 weeks. ($7797 Value)

*FAST ACTION BONUS #10 - 1 FREE Traffic Intensive Hands On Workshop. ($9,997 Value)


At this point, it's obvious that eCommerce is one of the fastest ways to quickly make six figures online... and beyond...

...and there's no better resource for seeing success with eCommerce than with this step-by-step guide...

$15,000 Instant Discount if you invest today for a one-time payment of just $9,997 (free $7,000 upgrade package included for founding members)

(UK / EU clients pricing may vary due to VAT (added taxes)
For UK Customers, we have to take payments in GBP, this is due to us being charged VAT ontop of tax for UK payments.

When You Enroll In One Of The Two
You'll Get Instant Access To...
  •  Over The Shoulder Done For You Store Setup  ($6,497 Value)
  • ​ Lifetime Access To All Modules of Ecom Automatic Mastery Training ($2,997 Value)
  • ​ Full Product Research Training Using My Methods ($997 Value)
  • ​ Complete Facebook Ad Overview & Advanced Training ($3,997 Value)
  • ​ Private Inner Circle Facebook Group With Me & Other Members ($197 Value)
  • ​ FULL Facebook Traffic Monetization Training By Personal FB Ads Expert ($4,997 Value)
  • ​​Tools & Methods Revealed To Help Find Winning Products ($127 Value)
  •  My Secret Traffic Source That Makes Me 10X+ With Literally No Tech Skills ($9,997 Value)
Total Value: $49,806
Private Ecom FB Group
24/7 Lifetime VIP Access To 
In Our Private Mastermind Group
1 On 1 Mentoring
From Ecom Expert
Get direct access to my Expert to review products, advertising, or any questions for 3 months (90 days of support)
12 Step By Step Training Videos
Learn everything to build an eCommerce business from scratch
with easy to follow videos
How To Get Financially Free Without Having To Be A GURU.

I get it, not everyone can be a guru, not everyone wants to make videos, not everyone wants to build a massive list and build a personal brand. So a "Branding Business" is not for everyone.

For introverts it's harder and that's the truth for them to put themselves out there, I was a classic introvert. So I started out selling courses and physical products on Ebay when I was new and starting out.

Alot of people would have so much more success if they actually did just that.

About 2 years ago one of my students a mother of 2 from the UK decided to attend one of my 2 hour free events that I host all over the world, we've done over 150+ of these events... She attends my 3 day live event and joins my high level SHIC Mastermind Program and decides her and her husband will make a go of this whole online thing.

Within 60 days of leaving she starts earning $1,000 per day and within 2 years she went on to make more than $100,000+ PER MONTH...

This is me and her and her husband, she's now quit her job and works from home.

Every man and women's dream.

What if you could give that gift to yourself?What if you could give this gift to your spouse/partner/husband/wife?

Well luckily you're dream is about to get real if you've ever wanted to stop spinning your wheels and start your business that you can run from anywhere. I've invited not one, but 2 of my Ecom Expert guests to practically create your own money making store with you LIVE IN PERSON for the first time ever in 2+ years.

You do NOT want to miss this.

According to Statista, eCommerce is projected to transact over $6.5 trillion by 2023.

Many individuals, just like you on my subscribers/client/event attendees, see this as a GOLDEN opportunity to unshackle themselves from a dead end 9 to 5 job and grab a piece their piece of this multi-trillion-dollar pie.

There’s no doubt that everyone, is rushing to build their own eCommerce business because with the evolution of technology and competitiveness of manufacturers that are desperate for sales, it is by far one of the easiest and quickest forms of business for any individuals to get started.

In fact, every day there are new 6-figure earners and even millionaires "starting from scratch" all thanks to eCommerce.

I've now got multiple 6 & 7 figure success stories from this EXACT program. The best part is, ever since the inception of Shopify, building an eCommerce business has never been easier, faster and profitable than ever before ONLY if you have the right mentorship instead of watching free youtube videos from some young 15 year old who has no business experience but is selling his how to on YouTube.

Look, I've got more than a decade of mastery under my belt and more than 25 Millionaire Students created because of my training.

This new way that I'm offering you requires zero selling skills, zero tech skills, zero coding or zero programming skills to start selling physical products online in this new way.

I myself have been doing it and quietly teaching for many years at my high end live events, but in [#today:{yyyy}] I want to give MORE people the chance to profit prosperously and powerfully than ever before.I'm on a mission to create 100 Millionaires and 1,000 six figure earners, so far more than a couple dozen have become 7 figure earners.

However, despite the simplicity of things and the ease of accessible knowledge through random YouTubers to share their “so-called”and overnight BS expertise knowledge to get you started on building your own eCommerce business......

MOST WILL FAIL because of one major struggle!



Is what's needed.This is ULTRA SPECIAL and exclusive. 

This event is going to be limited to just 15 people out of 500,000+ subscribers I have. EVERY time we've hosted Ecom Intensive, it's SOLD OUT. 

Introducing Ecom Intensive; A 2-Day LIVE, In Person, Hands On Workshop Breakthrough To ResultsTraining That’s Fully Done-With-You And Guarantees Results!

Here's what you'll get;

> 2 Day Hands On Workshop Entire Online Webstore Set Up (No tech experience needed)

> How To Build A 6 Figure Business & Quit Your Job In [#today:{yyyy}] Using Our Ecom Intensive Formula

> Master The 5 Steps To Build a Profitable Business Creating Little Sites Using Our Playbook (I've used this to sell more than 30M online)

> Never Worry About Tech, Product Development, Inventory or Risk - Create Profits From Thousands of Products Without Seeing, Storing Or Touching Them!

> Brand New To 1K Per Day Formula (based on the systems that we've used ourselves)

> Case Study; You'll see behind and LIVE how we make sales in one of our storesPLUS alot more.

BONUS: 90 Day Ongoing (3 months) Weekly Support & Coaching On Scaling.

BONUS 2: Tools & Tech Done For You (all the tools, systems you need set up with you in person)

BONUS 3: Getting Traffic Without Any Tech Work (Get our copy and paste traffic system for instant sales)Imagine if you can save 12-36 months, 1-3 years of you "trying to do it yourself" for another year or even for another DECADE.

Imagine you walking away with a complete done with you system that's making sales for you 24-7, literally set up and RUNNING for you.

Due to the nature of this event & it's OBVIOUS demand we've decided to go one step ahead;
Firstly; You'll need to fill out this application form if you are interested.
Secondly; We have multiple dates + multiple locations (USA included).
Apply For Your 1:1 Ecom Automatic Done For You 
Or Ecom Automatic "In Person" Elite Workshop
Selection Call
You’re looking to build an online business that will give you freedom, eCom Automatic / Ecom Intensive will give you the skills, tools and confidence to do exactly that. Every step of your entrepreneurial journey to financial independence will be backed by first class education, a knowledgeable community and exclusive mentoring.

Application is by acceptance only, this is not a conveyor belt of done for you stores... Demand is high and we will be working with carefully selected clients who are ready to make a change!

Ecom Automatic Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How soon can I start making money?
Answer: Everyone's results will vary. Some will go straight and make their first sales within 2 days of attending the workshop, others will take longer. We don't know you yet, everyone's results will vary.

As soon as we create your store within 30 days of purchase, you will be given a marketing plan to which will ensure that you can start making sales ASAP!

QUESTION: What will I be selling? I don't have Any Products Or Services.
Answer: We will figure out and do the research for you on what to sell, what's already selling and then advise you and then work with you to create a profitable store.

We do NOT sell Porn, Gambling, Tobacco, Alcohol or anything else that breaks our ethics. 

QUESTION: How much traffic budget do I need?
Answer: The more you spend, the more you will make, however, for results, you can start off with as little as $500 per month for ad budget using our top secret strategies. Ideally $1K-$3K is a great budget to start with. 

Question: Is this MLM/Bizz Opp? Do I have to recruit people?
Answer: No. You are going to learn how to sell products using Ecommerce and our Traffic Strategies (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and few others) 

Question: Is this Newbie Friendly?
Answer: This is perfect for newbies, it's one of the easiest ways to make serious money online. Using our top secret marketing strategies and checklists, we make it easy enough for even a 10 year old child to start.

ANSWER: No, leave this page and go watch netflix. 

Question: Is this good for making Passive Income?
Answer: Passive income only exists after you work hard to get a system working, then having the system outsourced to someone else, we will teach you how to do this but don't expect money to fall from the sky whilst you do nothing and sit on the beach. It's possible AFTER you have a working system that you can then systemise and delegate to someone else.

QUESTION: Can I build more than one store?
ANSWER: Hey Winner, yes you can - calm down. First get one going. Once you do then you can have these tiny little cash producing stores work for you and it has the potential to beat ANY other Asset Class. Real Estate, Metals, Crypto, Your OWN business, this has more profit power. 

Question: Can I quit my job with this? 
Answer: Of-course you can, there are eCommerce brands doing billions of dollars in revenue every year, it all depends on your ambition. You can use E-com for a side income or a full time lifestyle. You work out your daily income target, you work out what you need to save from your Ecommerce Business so you can quit your job.

QUESTION: Does this work in my country? 
Answer: Yes we have students from USA, Canada, Singapore, Middle East, Saudia Arabia, Italy, India, Australia and all over the place, Yes my fellow UK Brits, this works for you too.

QUESTION: I've tried physical stores before, but no success - how is this different?
Answer: For one, you have the comfort and security of knowing you're dealing with real professionals and a real team, I've built my team to more than 50+ people to support my events, my clients and my companies. This isn't some random 15 year old on YouTube showing you how.

You get to benefit from me spending $10Million (Read that) $10Million CASH of my own money to figure out what works, and what doesn't. You skip YEARS of trial and error and costly mistakes. What's more? You get to take advantage of our UNIQUE traffic methodologies.

Terms, Conditions and Policies
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