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Only 30 8 7 Spots Remaining.
Even If You’ve Never Made A Single Dime Online Or Already A Millionaire Wanting Another NEW Income Stream

FINALLY, The ONLY "Type & Text" New Way
To Creating "Passive Income Paydays" That Works For Total Beginners With Our
Done For You Stores 🚀 

Since 2015 We've Been Helping Clients Quit 9-5, Create Passive Income & Give Them A Business In A Box "Ecommerce Store".

Now It's Your Turn.


LIMITED SPOTS - Strictly Available To Only 10 8 7 Spots Available For January 2021!

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Want To Finally Get Your Own 100% Done For You 
E-commerce Store To Making Your First Sales.

Since 2015 We've Been Helping Clients Quit 9-5, Create Passive Income & Give Them A Business In A Box "Ecommerce Store".

Now It's Your Turn.

Dear Friend.

COVID, Crisis & Recessions have now shown people that you need a side income.

Extra income on top of your current income.
Extra security on top of your current efforts.
Extra cash buffer / portfolio diversification outside of the norm.

Well it's your lucky day.

You have personally been invited to this page to see how we can get your own Done For You Ecommerce Store set up & actually help you make your first 5k, 10k or even 20k payday...

Then we'll help you and mentor, support you and coach you for 90 days or 12 months. 

Then once you get it done, you can "Copy & Paste" and repeat and the market here is UNTAPPED.

In all my 10+ years of marketing online, I've never seen anything work as fast as this.

The power is incredible.
The profits are insane.
The promotions is literally "Type & Text".

You wake up at whatever time you want, you go out and enjoy your day, work free. You are able to spend time with your family, see your friends, and do whatever you want, whenever you want. 

You get home and check your bank balance before you go to bed. You've made $450 in passive income throughout the day, without doing ANY work that day.

This is what's possible, and it's what thousands of drop shippers experience every day. The drop shipping business has helped thousands of people quit their 9-5 and has given them the financial freedom they have always wanted. 

Me & my team will give you the step by step process, and reveal the secrets behind building a hyper profitable online store, even if you have NO experience. 

My online business pulls in $10K-$30K+ per day, consistently, predictably and reliably. It's USUALLY ALOT more, but who the heck is counting. 


My results are neither typical nor guaranteed for you.

Over $30Million in sales generated before the age of 30 all because I made the DECISION TO GET COMMITTED, Get a MENTOR & go all in. 

So I can help you create an extra $150-$750 per day income engine. 

You can then quietly and quickly scale to $1500-$7,500 per day.

Then even to potentially $30,000+ per day.

I committed.

So I can get mentorship over mistakes.
So I can take action over anxiety.
So I can build instead of getting beaten.
So I can make money vs just "meditating" about it.

You get the point.

Life is short. Time is precious. 
IF not you, then WHO?
IF not now, then WHEN?

Why delay your success?
Why delay your freedom?
Why delay your future?


False Evidence Appearing Real.

Action overcomes the fear.

What are you waiting for?

How Do These Ecom Automatic
Income Engines Work?

I like to call them engines because once the machine is set up it works with minimal effort. (Not GET Rich Quick)

No Inventory, No Design/Coding, and No Experience Needed. No products to store, see or touch.

With the click of a mouse, you can add products to your pre-designed store from wholesale sites with millions of listings. 

You don't need to know how to post packages, or print labels.

Once you receive an order on your store, you simply place that order with your supplier for a cheaper price, and they ship the order straight to the customer, & you keep all the profits. You won't even see the product. No inventory costs, no shipping hassles, the supplier takes care of it all. 

Here is a little visual display so you can understand it better

Why Do Most People Fail Something So Simple?

ATTENTION: Aspiring Entrepreneurs & Those Who Want To Quit The 9 To 5 Rut.
Millionaires who want to add a NEW stream of income.

Listen up Ladies & Gentlemen.

According to Statista, eCommerce is projected to transact over $6.5 trillion by 2023 and in 2019, as an industry hit over 3 Trillion Dollars in the US Alone. Many people, just like you, see this as a massive opportunity to break-free from the typical 9 to 5 job and grab a piece of this multi-trillion-dollar pie. 

This is the gold rush of the modern marketplace. Remember when nobody realised the power of google and the internet. The smart people, built websites, bought domains and made 100s of easy millions for themselves.

There’s no doubt that everyone is rushing to build their own eCommerce business because with the evolution of technology and competitiveness of manufacturers that are desperate for sales, it is by far one of the easiest and quickest forms of business for any individuals to get started.

Every day there are new 7-figure earners and even Multi-Millionaires born all thanks to eCommerce and Dropshipping.

The best part is, ever since the creation of Shopify, building an eCommerce business has never been easier. It requires zero coding or programming skills to start selling physical products online.

However, despite the simplicity of things and the ease of accessible knowledge through YouTubers to share their “so-called” knowledge to get  started on building your own eCommerce business...

...MOST WILL FAIL because of one fundamental struggle!

Honestly, setting the store up and finding products to sell are the easy parts. The most challenging struggle that most new eCommerce entrepreneurs will face is getting traffic to your store, without it, you will not even have a business!

However, if you are given the superpower and ability to fully understand how Influencer Marketing works, my secret traffic source, and how to properly use it... .

..you have the potential to turn your Ads into an instant sales-generator for your store.

In the past few years I’ve personally helped thousands of students to collectively generated over $100 MILLION in sales!

After working with all my students and even coaching a selective group of people through our $10,000 workshop,

...I came to understanding as to the main reason why students are not seeing results with their stores and why their Ads failed miserably.

Shaqir Hussyin, Founder 
WealthAcademy.com, 2X 10 million Dollar Club Awards (Click Funnels),
$30M in Online Sales.

Creator, Funnels.com,
Creator, CreateDigitalCourses.com
Creator, EcomAutomatic.com

Schedule Your Free Call Below! LIMITED-SPOTS AVAILABLE


There's Never Been A More Perfect Time To Start A Lucrative Online Business Model Now...Especially During This Current COVID Space

As you all should know, retail stores are dying and going out of business due to extreme online competition. The internet is taking over and millions of people are generating millions of dollars through e-commerce. Why would you go outside to do shopping, when you can get everything delivered straight to your door at a tap of a button.

There have been thousands of stores shut down this year due to online business overtaking them. They cannot keep up. Why? Well because when you start an online business you don't have the overheads, debts, and bills that retail stores have. 

Its never been easier to start an online business and take advantage of the trending e-commerce wave and generate your very own online income. 

So why don't people start an online business? It's because sometimes the details can get very confusing and they don't have a proven step by step blueprint to follow. This is why I created the Ecom Automatic Dropshipping Program. 

I want to show you how you can go out there and create your very own profitable store step by step. Do not miss this opportunity...

It's what I call the 'DNS' - The Destructive Newbie Stage... It's where Your brain is tricking you into thinking you're being productive. I'll be expanding on this later on...

What If We Created You A Ready Made Store Using The Same Systems & Methods That Have Generated Me
$62,727.87 In The Last 6 Weeks.
*Results WilL Vary*

If you've been paying attention you've understood the potential of this business model and how you can make 6-7 figures per month...

The truth is you could follow the 3 steps and attempt to figure this whole thing out yourself...

BUT - There are 2 probable outcomes to this... 

You'll probably get frustrated and give up, waste a ton of money OR it will take you so much time to master all the skills you need and build everything out.... And the opportunity will slip you by.

I dont mean to offend your ability.

But understand this...

You'll Have to figure out things like how to configure your Shopify settings, how to select 'the right' products to upload to your store, which software to use to automate this, how to fulfil the order and more.

Secondly, Facebook ads are complicated. The results I get are thanks to the ability of my team and me to setup, launch and scale them.

Thirdly, you won't have access to my secret traffic source, that brings me capital right from the bat with literally zero technical efforts, and confidence to pursue what i'm selling. Furthermore, you could replace your 9-5 income, by doing this alone. And once again, the best thing is, its NON TECHNICAL, all you do is contact the correct people.

Writing and creating email campaigns will take one person months. (If you want them to actually work.)

Now I have an important question for you:

Rather than spendings YEARS of searching, trying everything...

How would it feel if I created a store for you, implementing my proven systems that are working for me right now, and also, run the traffic and get sales, so you can replicate, rinse and repeat the whole process.

Why Don't I Just Take All The Value You've Given Me And Do It All Myself?

Why dont you?

Why dont you go through spending $100s of thousands of dollars, split testing your website, products, audiences, ads, with NO RETURN , to find out what works, not to mention the months and years it will take you to reach any sort of success. 

If that is what you want, then please dont let me stop you.

However... If you are one of the smart people, who want to shortcut your way to freedom and break through what I call the 'DNS' - The Destructive Newbie Stage... It's where Your brain is tricking you into thinking your being productive.

The 'DNS' is a stage where you start an online business, you have a breakthrough lightbulb moment where you THINK, you've got the bigger picture. You think, ahaa, i've got it, this is going to make me millions, let me get to work. 

And you make all the mistakes possible, you make mistakes that were not even possible, possible. You throw money away buying traffic to a store that doesn't convert. Your store is tailored to 50 different people. You dont understand how to tailor your store to your audience. People are not trusting your store as it looks scammy. Your payment processors aren't set up. You have a logo that doesn't look professional. Your product descriptions suck. But most importantly, you're not making ANY SALES. 

Or you spend months and months, planning, looking at products, looking at stores, watching videos, comparing things, but really and truly, your not making any progress. You've not built a store, you havent run ads. Your brain is tricking you into thinking your being productive, by stopping you from doing the things which produce results.

Does that sound familiar?
If this is something that you want to skip, then read on...

...I've been through all of this so you dont have to go through it. The amount of time and money that was wasted, I just wish I had somebody like me now, to go back to the me that started and offer me some help to shortcut the process. 

What if I had somebody that's making 6 figures a day, be there 24/7 by my side, one phone call away. Create my store, run my ads, make me money and all I had to do was rinse and repeat the process, whilst also teaching me 1:1 weekly....

Well, this is exactly what's going to happen and more...

I’m confident to say, if you went through the Ecom Automatic program, you are going to have an epic breakthrough. One that you never experienced in your life ever before even if you have tried to make money online for years.

It is a live done for you profit monster Shopify store that’s designed and custom-tailored for you.

It’s not pre-recorded videos.

It’s not just training based on theories.

It is a complete, active, live Shopify dropshipping store with products loaded, ready to accept payment store using the exact systems and methods I use for my own store.

Walk away with a complete breakthrough and seeing yourself owning a real money-generating store!

You will have a Wealth Academy expert assigned to you, to give you the concierge service - 24/7 one on one for 90 days, at your service.

I create the ads with you.

I then personally analyze your data with you and share with you what your next steps are and how to optimize to generate sales.

You can expect yourself walking away with sales within 7 days or less.

If not, we’ll work with you to make it happen!

As I stated earlier, this is completely done-for-you.

At times, I’ll even take control of your computer to help you even if you have zero clue what is going on and at the end of the 7 days you will master EVERYTHING.

This 7-day done-with-you is built for those who are stuck on making sales with their Facebook ads, or those who tried Facebook Ads but can’t make it work and even for those who has Facebook Ads generating sales but not knowing how to optimize them further for profit.

If this is you, then my 7-day done-with-you is for you!

So, what will happen within the 7 days?

We have to keep this a secret and only those who qualified to join us will know what our 7-day is about.

But I can guarantee you within 7 days you will experience a breakthrough and start generating sales for your store if you follow and trust my entire process.

In fact, we had hundreds of students paying upwards of $25,000 to master this and right now you don’t need to do it with $25,000.

You, will have to pay nowhere near this. (Never will this workshop be made available at this price point ever again!)

However, you do need to get pre-qualified and to see if you are somebody whos suitable to work with us..

..you need to schedule a call with one of our team members to see if you are dedicated and driven to turn 7 days into a business that has the potential to generate 6 figures and beyond.

In fact, I have to limit this to only 25 students as I want to ensure everyone who qualifies will get the best and unprecedented experience ever!

Now, you might be wondering, what if I have zero clue how to even start building my store?

We definitely won’t leave you hanging and shut you out on taking a piece of this trillion-dollar opportunity.

We’ve designed a complete step-by-step pre-training to help you maintain your very own store. Not to mention, you can get help directly from our community and coaches to help you get unstuck!

It requires zero prior knowledge or experience, you just need to follow the pre-training and you will see your store come to life.

Honesty, all it requires is your dedication and commitment to start building your very own eCommerce business that has a massive potential for you to take a cut from the multi-trillion dollar industry!

Shaqir Hussyin, Founder 

2X 10 million Dollar Club (Click Funnels), $30M in Online Sales.
Creator, Funnels.com,
Creator, CreateDigitalCourses.com
Creator, EcomAutomatic.com
Equity Investor, ASHV.com

See What Our Students Say

Disclaimer: Results may vary between person to person.

Hetta Galdo - (UK, Wales)

Hetta Came To us a single mother, who Struggling month after month, going Pay-check to Pay-check. She bravely decided to take massive action, and with a little help from us, this was the result from her first promotion using our secret traffic strategy.

Rayyan Khan (Canada, Torronto)

$600,000 First 8 Months, Financial, Builds His Current
Business to 7 Figures+ Started From SCRATCH

Chris & Sara Goff (UK, London)

Hated 9-5 Life For 20+ Years in The Banking Industry,
Started From Nothing And Over $500,000+ In E-commerce Sales
In Just 2 Years....

Listen To Their Story First Hand...

Start selling in just 7-10 days from now without all the headaches of sourcing products, learning Shopify or the best apps to use

Let us create you a stunning Shopify Store that is ready to take orders and make sales. A 100% turnkey solution custom made and hand delivered. You own it and YOU keep all the profits (Results not typical and everyone's results will vary obviously...)


How to place an order with us

Step 1

Fill out a short form, and book a call, if you are accepted and are a right fit, then we move onto step 2.

Step 2

We research up to 50 proven & unsaturated products in your chosen niche or passion (if you have one)

Step 3

We build your website, using the exact same systems that are bringing in $30-40k a day in sales for me.

Step 4

We help you send traffic, or we send traffic for you depending on your package & you sit back and make sales

Were Accepting 7 New Partners Who Qualify

  • Must be an action taker, not a complainer
  • Must be willing to use these tactics ethically
  • ​Must be serious about earning extra income
  • ​Must be willing to stick with it and not quit on yourself
  • ​Must agree to give an honest review after your first sale.

Spots Are Limited, Acceptance Is By Application Only


You’re looking to build an online business that will give you freedom, eCom Automatic / Ecom Intensive will give you the skills, tools and confidence to do exactly that. Every step of your entrepreneurial journey to financial independence will be backed by first class education, a knowledgeable community and exclusive mentoring.

Application is by acceptance only, this is not a conveyor belt of done for you stores... Demand is high and we will be working with carefully selected clients who are ready to make a change, this is to ensure, that each store & package available is delivered to clients, to best of our ability!

We help you get started and get going but that does not mean we will babysit you.
My team is busy running and doing work for myself and our best clients.

This is a kickstarter business package designed to help you. 

NOTE: BEFORE YOU APPLY. This is NOT a get rich, guaranteed make money online program.
For all the skeptics, wannabe's and wantrepreneurs that talk about success but never take action.
This is NOT for you. Tough love, but I don't need your money or the headache for me and my team.

If you are "High Maintenance, Cause A Fuss Or Emotionally Unstable w 101 life problems, please do NOT become a client of WealthAcademy / Ecom Automatic) sorry but time and life is short.

SERIOUS PEOPLE APPLY - We're going to go above and beyond to support and help you.


A Great Place To Start

15 4 Spots Available

  • Full Online Website Store Setup.
    (All Technical Stuff Handled From A-Z)
  • ​1-5 Best-selling Products (with fast shipping times researched and added in for you)
  • ​Custom Written Copy To Convert Descriptions so you don't need to learn Copywriting.
  • ​Custom Branded Logo & Design
  • ​Custom Homepage Banner Design
  • ​Legal, About Us & Contact Pages Created & Terms & Conditions.
  • ​Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics Integration With Cart Abandonment.
  • Domain Setup & Configured & Email Followup Templates & Coaching Provided
  • 30-Days Post-Sales Support
  • ​6 Weeks Of LIVE Support, Coaching "How To Get Avalanche Of Traffic" Virtual Support - Includes 1:1 Q&A.
  • ​2x VIP Tickets To Our 3 Day WealthAcademy Yearly Conference ($5,000 Value) 

Total Value:

Today - $4,997

One-time payment, UK/EU (Non US)
customers pay in GBP (£4,997+vat)
Got a Question? See our FAQ’s
or Book A Call Right Now


Ready For The Next Level

30 3 Spots Available

  • ​UPTO 10 Best-selling Products (with access to private supplier (5-10 day Shipping)
  • ​Customer Reviews Imported For All Products
  • ​Social Media Presence Set Up 
  • ​Virtual Assistants Provided & TRAINED To Help Automate Low-Leverage Tasks For Your Store.
  • ​BONUS: 1: We TEACH you How To Launch your first 3 Influencer Promotions, Set Up & Scale, (After that, you just rinse and repeat by outsourcing this.)
  • ​BONUS 2: 60 Days Post-Sales Support & Email Followup Templates & Coaching Provided.
  • ​BONUS 3: Concierge Service - 60 Days Of Direct Email/Phone Access help anytime you need it.

    You Will have your own dedicated Wealth Academy Expert to help with any needs.
  • ​BONUS 4: 12 Weeks Of Live Weekly Group Training & Q&A 
  • ​BONUS 5: ​2x VIP Tickets To Our 3 Day WealthAcademy Yearly Conference ($5,000 Value) 

Total Value:

Today - $12,475

One-time payment, UK/EU (Non US)
customers pay in GBP + VAT (£12,475+ vat)
Got a Question? See our FAQ’s
or Book A Call Right Now


Automation Perfected, Your Business Is Ready To Work Without You

4 1 Spots Available


  • 25 Best-selling Products (with fast shipping times)
  • ​Facebook Catalog Sync
  • ​Klaviyo Email Integration
  • Thank You Upsell Sequence
  • ​Abandoned Cart Sequence
  • ​​90 Days Post-Sales Support
  • ​Concierge Service - 120 Days Of VIP support and help anytime you need it. You Will have your own dedicated Wealth Academy Expert to help with any needs.
  • ​We Will Find And Give A Brief To Our Carefully Screened And Selected Virtual Assistants, To Run Your Whole Store Without You Having To Do Anything.
  • ​​10X Live Weekly Group Training & Q&A
  • ​2 Free Tickets To A Wealth Academy Live Event (2,997 Value)
  • ​Meet me in person at my London Penthouse, to discuss strategy, growth, and scaling. ( I charge usually $20,000 For 1:1 In Person Consult)
  • We Don't Stop Working With You Until You Make $50,000.

Total Value:

Today - $24,945

One-time payment, UK/EU (Non US)
customers pay in GBP
Got a Question? See our FAQ’s
or Book A Call Right Now

IMPORTANT - Due to the nature of this service, this is a strict no refund policy. 
Also ethically and legally this is not a Get Rich Quick or Guaranteed Money System.
If you don't agree with terms & conditions do NOT proceed here.
Plain and simple, black and white notice written with love and kindness. 

FREE Bonuses when you apply & qualify today ($35,560)

101 Ecom Sales Funnels Templates (VALUE: $4,780.00)

30 Email Follow Up Sequence Campaign Templates (VALUE: $997.00)

Social Media Set Up, We Will Set Up Your Facebook & Instagram For Your Store ($4,997.00)

For 12.5K Buyers - We provide Marketing Weekly Coaching With Shaqir Hussyin's Team Directly (VALUE : $24,786.00)

Get A FREE Strategy Session For 45 mins With My 7 Figure Ecom

How Chris & Sara, Managed To Quit Their 9-5 Rat Race And Finally Achieved Financial Freedom With eCommerce

Chris & Sara Goff 
Over $500,000+ In E-commerce Sales

Like many of you that are reading this, Chris and Sara were a couple who worked their respectable 9-5 jobs for over 20+ Years. They realised that, in order to spend more time with their children and improve the quality of their lives, they had to make the conscious decision of taking the initiative and risk of joining a booming industry - Ecommerce.

Chris & Sara decided to venture into the online business world. However, they were not able to gain much success. Their lack of confidence in technology and little experience in eCommerce were met with many obstacles.

Until one day, Jane found Shaqir Hussyin's Ecom Automatic program in which he revealed the secret business model he was using through ecommerce to make 150k+ a month. 

They now run a successful online store which she generated over $500,000 in sales.
Disclaimer: Results may vary between person to person.

The 9-5 Worker Who Quit To Make Multi Figures A Month

Rayyan Khan
$600,000 First 8 Months, Financial, Builds His Current Business to 7 Figures+

Rayyan worked long hours from day in to day out just so he can provide for his family. Knowing that he was tired of sacrificing his precious time away from his loved ones, he knew something had to change.

He searched for different types of entrepreneurship, something that he can do on his own time and pace. This is when he stumbled upon Shaqir Hussyin's Ecom Automatic program, and he couldn’t be happier.

Using Ecom Automatic,  Rayyan said good-bye to his 9-5 rat race and went on to become a millionaire. Rayyan's successful online business became his retirement career, while he finally gets to spend all the time in the world with his young family.
Disclaimer: Results may vary between person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How soon can I start making money?
Answer: Everyone's results will vary. Some will go straight and make their first sales within 2 days of attending the workshop, others will take longer. We don't know you yet, everyone's results will vary. This is NOT a Guaranteed get rich quick program. Keep this in mind.

As soon as we create your store within 30 days of purchase, you will be given a marketing plan to which will ensure that you can start making sales ASAP as long as you follow it. We will work with you until you make your first $100 in sales so you can get confidence to grow this.

QUESTION: What will I be selling? I don't have Any Products Or Services.
Answer: We will figure out and do the research for you on what to sell, what's already selling and then advise you and then work with you to create a profitable store. We do NOT sell Porn, Gambling, Tobacco, Alcohol or anything else that breaks our ethics. 

QUESTION: How much traffic budget do I need?
Answer: The more you spend, the more you will make, however, for results, you can start off with as little as $500 per month for ad budget using our top secret strategies. Ideally $1K-$3K is a great budget to start with. 

Question: Is this MLM/Bizz Opp? Do I have to recruit people?
Answer: No. You are going to learn how to sell products using Ecommerce and our Traffic Strategies (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and few others) 

Question: Is this Newbie Friendly?
Answer: This is perfect for newbies, it's one of the easiest ways to make serious money online. Using our top secret marketing strategies and checklists, we make it easy enough for even a 10 year old child to start.

ANSWER: No, leave this page and go watch netflix. 

Question: Is this good for making Passive Income?
Answer: Passive income only exists after you work hard to get a system working, then having the system outsourced to someone else, we will teach you how to do this but don't expect money to fall from the sky whilst you do nothing and sit on the beach. It's possible AFTER you have a working system that you can then systemise and delegate to someone else.

QUESTION: Can I build more than one store?
ANSWER: Hey Winner, yes you can - calm down. First get one going. Once you do then you can have these tiny little cash producing stores work for you and it has the potential to beat ANY other Asset Class. Real Estate, Metals, Crypto, Your OWN business, this has more profit power. 

Question: Can I quit my job with this? 
Answer: Of-course you can, there are eCommerce brands doing billions of dollars in revenue every year, it all depends on your ambition. You can use E-com for a side income or a full time lifestyle. You work out your daily income target, you work out what you need to save from your Ecommerce Business so you can quit your job.

QUESTION: Does this work in my country? 
Answer: Yes we have students from USA, Canada, Singapore, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Italy, India, Australia and all over the place, Yes my fellow UK Brits, this works for you too.

QUESTION: I've tried physical stores before, but no success - how is this different?
Answer: For one, you have the comfort and security of knowing you're dealing with real professionals and a real team, I've built my team to more than 50+ people to support my events, my clients and my companies. This isn't some random 15 year old on YouTube showing you how.

You get to benefit from me spending $10Million (Read that) $10Million CASH of my own money to figure out what works, and what doesn't. You skip YEARS of trial and error and costly mistakes. What's more? You get to take advantage of our UNIQUE traffic methodologies.

Schedule Your Free Call Below! LIMITED-SPOTS AVAILABLE

Spots Are Limited, Acceptance Is By Application Only

You’re looking to build an online business that will give you freedom, eCom Automatic / Ecom Intensive will give you the skills, tools and confidence to do exactly that. Every step of your entrepreneurial journey to financial independence will be backed by first class education, a knowledgeable community and exclusive mentoring.

Application is by acceptance only, this is not a conveyor belt of done for you stores... Demand is high and we will be working with carefully selected clients who are ready to make a change, this is to ensure, that each store & package available is delivered to clients, to best of our ability!

Disclaimer: Results are typical or expected for every person. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational-purposes only.

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This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, This site is
NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.

As this is a service based product, we can offer no refunds. Note that individual results will vary and income success is not guaranteed. Our goal is to give you the online tools and education to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. While our business system is proven by the genuine achievements of Sales Funnels / WealthAcademy Members, this does not mean you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program, because it all depends on your determination, hard work and ability to follow directions. As an entrepreneur, the understanding needs to be in place that you will take full responsibility for your business. 

Please note: Although this information has been responsible for generating over multiple 6 figures per month and even 7 figures a month, these are NOT typical results Be responsible, this does not imply or guarantee you will do the same. Success takes hard work, focus, persistence, and ALOT OF HARD WORK. If you can't be bothered to have an open mind to learn and apply this is NOT for you. Results not typical. Just get this information for free to learn. Thanks for stopping by.